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Baptizing a Child

Baptisms are joyous events in the life of the community. Baptism is one of the two sacraments Lutherans practice (the other is communion). Baptisms take place during a worship service. Parents will meet with a pastor, fill out the baptismal information form and schedule a date. Parents identify at least two sponsors who affirm their desire to see the baby or child raised up in the faith and will help to support that effort. There is no fee for baptisms.

Baptism for Adults

Sometimes adults who have never been baptized become partners at St. Andrew. Baptism for adults is a particularly exciting event. We see baptism as the sacrament that symbolizes the entrance of a person into the family of faith. We let learning and growth in faith follow the baptism, instead of the other way around. This means, that a desire to be baptized is all you need to be ready for baptism. Learning more, and growing through adult education, worship and service comes afterwards!

Baptisms most often take place in the context of a worship service. Adults are encouraged to have two sponsors, just as babies and children do, to walk with them as they explore their commitment to the Christian path.

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